Company Name Check: Trade Name Registration in UAE

Firstly, trade name or company name registration is crucial in establishing your business in the UAE. A company name check is essential to determine whether a business owner’s preferred name is registered and used by another business in the country. Moreover, business owners must follow guidelines when choosing their trade name.

Our comprehensive guide covers everything from application procedures to essential guidelines so you can navigate the process seamlessly. This blog lists everything you need to know about company name registration. Remember, it is a prerequisite before obtaining a trade license from the UAE’s Department of Economic Development (DED).

Trade Name Registration UAE

Application Process: How to Reserve a Trade Name in 5 Steps

Reserving a trade name for your business is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose an Approved Platform

Sign up and log in to a Department of Economic Development (DED) approved platform.

Step 2: Select Name and Business Activity

Choose a unique trade name and select your primary and secondary business activities.

Step 3: Check Availability and Reserve

If your chosen trade name is available, verify and reserve it.

Step 4: Submit Application

Visit the concerned Economic Department, fill out the application, and submit it with the required documents.

Step 5: Payment

Pay the trade name reservation fees at the designated counter.

Company Name Check: Essential Guidelines for Trade Name Selection

When choosing your trade name, adhere to the following Department of Economic Development (DED)’s trade name guidelines:

  • The trade name selected will be transliterated into Arabic or English but not translated.
  • Alphabets and numbers are permitted, but icons or special characters are prohibited.
  • The trade name can incorporate the partner/owner’s first and last name but not the last name alone. For example, “Ahmed Al-Ghamdi Properties” is acceptable, but “Al-Ghamdi Properties” is not.
  • Trade names cannot include words representing Allah’s name and synonyms, countries, regions, areas, sects, organizations, or already registered and known brand names.
  • It is prohibited to reserve a name starting with terms like “Universal,” “Middle East,” “International,” or their Arabic translations.
  • The trade name database is based on pronunciation, and duplicates will be identified through keyword searches in both English and Arabic.
  • Specifically, rrade names may include “Gulf,” abbreviations, foreign words, trademarks, Arabized names, or regions, and they are categorized as premium trade name categories A or B.
  • The trade name must incorporate the primary activity name but cannot be identical.
  • The trade name should be devoid of obscene words and must not offend modesty or contradict public decency.

Trade Name Registration in Dubai Notes

Ensure payments are made within 72 hours of payment authorization issuance to secure your trade name reservation. Failure to obtain a trade license within this timeframe may lead to cancellation. Also, the Department of Economic Development reserves the right to cancel or modify trade names that violate guidelines or replicate existing names.

Validity and Naming Restrictions

  • Six-Month Validity: Trade name reservations remain valid for six months. However, failure to acquire a trade license within this period results in automatic cancellation.
  • Naming Guidelines: Avoid including names of countries, capitals, or governments without embassy approval. Adhere to naming restrictions to prevent cancellation.

Additional Considerations

  • Trademark Registration: The Department of Economic Development or DED does not accept trademark registrations. Register trademarks with the Ministry of Economy’s Trademarks Department.
  • Franchise Rights: Franchise agreements allow using another company’s trade name if you submit a franchise contract to the Department of Economic Development.
  • Fee Calculations: The department reserves the right to calculate fee differences for trade name violations in previous years.

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