Naoual Haddouch Attends MetaTdex Summit in Bangkok

Bangkok, September 20, 2024: MetaTdex successfully hosted a summit in Bangkok, Thailand, on September 20th. Thai politicians, MetaTdex eco-partners, Web 3.0 investment institutions, traditional brokerage firms, TT-DAO community builders, SAAS signatories, and blockchain media gathered in Bangkok for the event.

Our partnership with MetaTdex, a valuable and long-standing collaborator, has seen significant milestones. NH Management played a crucial role in MetaTdex’s partnership with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) for the AI+Web 3.0 Campus in Dubai. The successful signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) in August 2023 is a testament to our collaborative efforts. This MOU with DIFC presents many opportunities.

Indeed, this achievement was showcased during the event. As MetaTdex’s strategic consultant, Naoual Haddouch took the stage to announce and elaborate more on this government-level collaboration to hundreds of guests.

NH Management Partner Naoual Haddouch shared: “It is important to cooperate with MetaTdex on the construction of the AI+Web 3.0 campus in Dubai, and it is our shared hope that more high-quality projects will emerge from this collaboration.”


As an invited expert in the UAE business landscape, Naoual Haddouch highlighted DIFC’s independent regulatory system and its competitive advantage as an international financial hub. Specifically, the DIFC offers substantial tax benefits, encouraging innovative projects worldwide to register under the DIFC.

Having ranked among the top 10 DEX worldwide for nearly a year, MetaTdex is now poised for a significant advancement. At the summit, MetaTdex demonstrated its confidence through openness, innovation, and cross-boundary capabilities, showcasing unique and innovative ideas in value sharing, blockchain community connection, and meta-asset interoperability. With the theme of “MetaTdex Creates a New Paradigm for Web3 Economy”, Bangkok Summit aims to reshape the new paradigm of crypto-finance through macro narratives and MetaTdex’s financial innovation practices, providing forward-looking thinking and guiding direction for Web 3.0 development.

Finally, several companies signed SAAS service agreements with MetaTdex during the event. These companies, including mature blockchain projects and Web2 companies entering the Web3 field, will have access to MetaTdex’s TOS system and future support for community building, user growth, and brand communication. By introducing more innovations and collaborations, MetaTdex will continue to reshape the Web3 economy, ensuring a brighter future for decentralized finance.

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