Starting a Daycare Business in Dubai: Costs & Requirements

If you’re considering venturing into the daycare business in Dubai, you’re tapping into a growing demand driven by the city’s bustling workforce and government support for working families. NH Management offers a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the costs and requirements, ensuring a smooth start to your entrepreneurial journey.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Daycare Centre in Dubai

Before diving into the daycare business, it’s crucial to recognize the immense responsibility it entails – the safety, well-being, and development of children entrusted to your care. NH Management advises considering several key points:

  • Determine whether your daycare will operate from a home-based setting or a designated facility.
  • Define the age range of children you’ll cater to.
  • Implement stringent safety and security measures, including baby-proofing the premises.
  • Ensure qualified and certified staff members are onboard.
  • Equip your facility with specialized equipment to enhance the learning and play experience.

Documents Required to Start a Daycare Centre in Dubai

Once you’ve outlined your plan, the next step is to gather the necessary documentation for licensing. NH Management highlights essential documents:

  • Detailed information and authenticated degree certificate of the entrepreneur.
  • Copies of passports for the entrepreneur and Emirati partner.
  • Police clearance reports for all partners.
  • Layout and location details of the daycare center.
  • Approvals from the municipality and Civil Defense confirming compliance with safety standards.

Start a Daycare in Dubai in 7 Easy Steps


Embarking on your daycare venture involves meticulous planning and execution. NH Management breaks down the process into manageable steps:

Step #1 Craft a comprehensive business plan, incorporating market research and financial projections.

Step #2 Secure a prime location accessible to working parents.

Step #3 Obtain the necessary licenses and certifications with the assistance of NH Management’s business setup experts.

Step #4 Equip your facility with essential amenities and safety features.

Step #5 Recruit qualified staff members and implement rigorous screening processes.

Step #6 Acquire insurance coverage to mitigate risks.

Step #7 Establish clear policies and procedures to guide operations and communicate expectations to parents.

Cost of Starting a Daycare Business in Dubai

The initial investment for starting a daycare business varies based on factors such as licensing fees, staffing costs, and facility expenses. NH Management estimates the average licensing fee to range between AED 12,000 and AED 20,000. For precise pricing tailored to your requirements, consult our business setup consultants for personalized assistance.

Working with NH Management

Navigating the complexities of starting a daycare business in Dubai is made simpler with NH Management’s expertise and support. As the UAE’s trusted business setup specialist, NH Management offers hassle-free solutions tailored to your needs.

With over a decade of experience and a network of industry professionals, NH Management ensures a seamless journey from business setup to ongoing operations. Explore our range of services, including tax preparation, legal guidance, and HR management, to maximize your business potential. Unlock the opportunities in Dubai’s daycare market with NH Management by your side. Schedule a free consultation today and embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

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