Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods: Pushing the limitation of Agriculture at Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai World Expo has brought some outstanding initiatives to bring more resilient global collaborations for the food industry. Since the start of Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a rising concern for agricultural and nutrition-related issues all around the globe. Thus, it became evident for the global entities to bring some innovative and partnership programs so that countries can efficiently streamline their need. Hence, with this rising concern, Dubai Expo launched multiple foods and agricultural-related programs to highlight the issues in food security and possible solutions for a more robust food system.

How Dubai World Expo played its role in pushing the limitations of Agriculture

Expo 2020 provides fantastic opportunities for all types of fields. Whether it is about climate, space, Urban and rural development, or Food, Agriculture, and Livelihood, Expo has managed to cover rising issues globally. Considered a single platform to see the entire world, it is just more than a collaboration point. Thus, Food, Agriculture, and Livelihood week covered food storage crises, disequilibrium in supply and demand, and socially affordable agricultural techniques for global entities. Hence, with Dubai World Expo, the world saw some international collaborations for some resilient food solutions under one platform.

Food Agriculture and Livelihood Week

Business opportunities in Dubai Expo 2020 bring together the most inspiring ideas and propose complete real-life answers on current complicated challenges. Thus, at Food week, more than 200 participants were given a chance to come forward and make an effort for the food ecosystem and its challenges. It includes the government sector, private entities, and educational institutes.

Workshops, training, programs, and discussion panels for agriculture and livelihood at Dubai World Expo 2020 raised some essential elements for the Agricultural industry. It brought workers, farmers, buyers, sellers, and the government to focus on agricultural sustainability for the ecosystem and production efficiency.

Financing Agriculture and creation of agricultural businesses

Many farmers around the globe, especially in underdeveloped countries, still struggle to enhance their agricultural practices due to a lack of capital. Under this session, the GCAM and MAMDA-MCMA presented integrated business support and financing programs for the food base startups, multi nations, and entrepreneurs.

Programs and Initiatives on Food security and farming

Business opportunities in Dubai Expo 2020: For Food and Beverage Industry

MyAgrpo – Initiative from West Africa

In expo life, MyAgrpo, a mobile technology app, educated the audience about modern techniques for small farmers to efficiently transform their land for better productivity.

Small Steps, Big Leaps: Solution for sustainable impact

Considered one of the best practice programs in the Dubai World Expo, it discussed the localization of SDG projects for sustainable food solutions.

Professor Haissam Jijakli’s Masterclass: From Sand to Plate

Offering reliable eco-responsible healthy diet solutions, it talks about the food chain vision for 2050. Looking at the current population growth rate, we would realize that we are not far away when food scarcity reaches another height. Thus, it is vital to start working on agricultural engineering to satisfy this demand and make countries self-sufficient. Moreover, the rising global warming and economic crises create an immense need to restore biodiversity.

Food for Future Summit at Dubai World Expo

It was launched by Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) in association with Food, Agriculture, and Livelihoods Week. It was a powerhouse session for agricultural technology innovation and progression. It is a strategic partnership between the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN FAO). It underlines the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy and food supply chain for a sustainable ecosystem.

Topic covered were artificial intelligence, IoT cloud solutions, adaptive irrigation, food storage, wastage management, climate base agricultural techniques, biotechnology, renewable energy implementation, and much more.

Companies from more than 50 countries participated in this summit. The event showed various unique gadgets from food tech companies and introduced innovative solutions like Flying Autonomous robots, MeaTech 3D, etc.

Virtual Expo Edition
  • Sow the right seeds

Emphasized about ecosystem’s correlation with agriculture

  • Close the loop

We talked about the consumption styles for reducing food wastage.

  • Give everyone their fair share.

Ensuring practices of the right production style for reducing food scarcity.


The concept of Food Week at Dubai World Expo builds great awareness about food issues, their challenges, and solutions that can secure possible opportunities for food development. The introduction of agricultural technology, training seminars, and educational programs brought the attention of many new, skilled, and large-scale companies. Top food scientists, professionals, engineers, and knowledge experts were present at these prospects. The public-eccentric sessions educated the people on showcasing advanced and friendly solutions for reducing wastage, utilizing fertilizers, water management, soil operation, agriculture technology introduction, and production efficiency.


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