Tao Xiao, Women Leader in Women Entrepreneur Dubai

Tao Xiao, a Partner at NH Management, a management consulting firm based in Dubai, helps entrepreneurs establish their businesses and access a progressive business environment. Tao provides clients with tailored strategies and advice as a business leader, helping them set up or expand their operations in the UAE and GCC region.

In her interview with Women Entrepreneur Magazine, Tao shared insights into her roles and responsibilities at NH Management. She emphasized the firm’s deep market knowledge and strong relationships with global government and investment parties. Tao finds immense satisfaction in conquering complexity, helping clients reimagine their operations, and tackling large-scale challenges.

One of the most challenging aspects of her role has been mitigating the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the business world. The pandemic has triggered a period of unprecedented transformation, affecting every industry profoundly. Tao’s role involves leading her team to leverage their skills and stay ahead of market trends, delivering complex solutions to meet client need.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, women have paved the way to achieving success. Organizations are witnessing a positive transformation with more women in senior leadership positions. Women are stepping forward to support employee well-being and promote workplace inclusion, equality, and diversity. They are evolving as strong leaders who efficiently support their teams. This progress is encouraging and worth celebrating, especially during these challenging times. Tao Xiao is one such leader, working diligently to enable entrepreneurs and investors to navigate the market smoothly.

Tao Xiao NH Management

Insights from the Women Entrepreneur Magazine Interview

 A Journey of Excellence and Dedication

Tao obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Jiangxi Normal University in China, after which she completed a Master’s degree in Internet Computing in the UK. After a few years working for a leading UK bank, she decided to pursue a second Master’s degree in International Financial Analysis at the University of Glasgow. Notably, her passion for economics and finance led her to a successful career in the banking sector, culminating in her role at NH Management as Partner and Managing Director in 2020.

Strategies for Growth and Leadership

Tao’s strategies for driving growth within NH Management focus on providing opportunities for staff development and fostering a diverse workforce. She believes that diversity brings a richness of innovation and drives better results, making it a strategic priority for the firm’s success and that of its clients.

Professional Journey and Achievements

Tao’s professional journey spans various industries across the UK, China, and the Middle East. From working in FTSE-listed banks to a Chinese state-owned bank, and establishing a foreign wholly-owned enterprise (FWOE) for a luxury fashion brand in China, Tao’s experience is vast and varied. Her role at NH Management has allowed her to build a strong reputation and valuable connections, enabling her to work on preferred projects at her own pace while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Staying Aligned with Industry Evolutions

Innovation is at the core of NH Management’s business strategy. Tao and her team actively seek promising projects that can impact the industry. By working with young entrepreneurs and startups, they stay at the forefront of innovation, offering support in company structure, fundraising, and business development. This engagement with emerging talent provides Tao with insights into industry trends and technological advancements, ensuring that NH Management remains a leader in the field.

Advice for Aspiring Women Leaders

Tao believes that the UAE offers numerous opportunities for women to work and start their own businesses. She acknowledges that while there is still progress to be made, the business environment is conducive to fostering the next generation of women leaders. Her advice to young women entering the business world includes continuous learning and acquiring skills that can be utilized in the workplace. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of balancing work and family life, advocating for good time management practices from the start.

Early role models can significantly influence young girls, and programs like internships and apprenticeships make a considerable difference. Tao’s commitment to mentoring young entrepreneurs, especially women, reflects her dedication to helping others succeed. She believes that more initiatives are needed to help women shine in the workforce.


In summary, Tao Xiao, Partner at NH Management, is not only paving the way for entrepreneurs in the UAE and GCC region but also setting a powerful example for women leaders worldwide. Her story is a celebration of success, resilience, and the transformative power of inclusive leadership.

Tao’s journey from her academic pursuits to her leadership role at NH Management is a testament to her dedication, resilience, and strategic vision. Her ability to navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and foster a diverse and inclusive work environment makes her an inspiring figure in the business world. As we face the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, leaders like Tao Xiao remind us of the power of perseverance and the impact of inclusive leadership.


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