What is Dubai Unified License (DUL) for Free Zone and Mainland Companies

Key Takeaways: 

  • Dubai Unified License (DUL) was introduced in Q1 of 2023
  • The DUL is a publicly accessible licensing verification system
  • Registered businesses in Dubai mainland and free zone will get DUL with a respective QR Code

The Dubai Government successfully kickstarted the Dubai Unified License. Along with its release, curiosities regarding how it works and how it affects business setup licensing in Dubai slowly arose.

At NH Management, we aim to demystify the DUL. Discover the core principles and objectives behind the DUL by gaining a comprehensive understanding of its purpose and significance in the Dubai business landscape. 

Now, let’s dive into this new license structure, providing a detailed overview of its working and its far-reaching implications for entrepreneurs and businesses in Dubai. Moreover, explore the features that distinguish the DUL and learn how it streamlines processes for enhanced efficiency

a.) What is Dubai Unified License?

The Dubai Unified Licence (DUL) is a newly established licensing structure allowing everyone to check the business on a publicly accessible government portal. The DUL provides a unique identification number to all newly opened businesses in mainland or free zone.

Specifically, it enables the public and service providers to scan a QR code to retrieve public information about the company without showing their trade licenses.

b.) How does it change the way companies do business setup?

Of note, the DUL will be slowly rolled out in stages. It is certain that all businesses registered and licensed in Dubai will get a DUL. The DUL and QR code will serve as a unified business identity.However, these will soon be mandatory for government entities and service providers such as telecommunications, utilities, and banks.

The DUL streamlines and improves the process of doing business by providing a single source of trusted, digital information for the general public, suppliers and service providers, allowing them to view licence details for mainland and free zone businesses. 

c.) What are the Dubai Unified Licence Benefits?

Previously, the common practice was to send trade licenses to prove registration. On the contrary, with the DUL and a designated QR code, there is no need to identify the licensing authority — which can be one of the free zones or a mainland. Now, the general public can view the Dubai Unified License.

Moreover, businesses seeking to operate in multiple licensing authority can use this initiative to streamline licensing procedures. It allows companies to register in more than one free zone in the Emirates to save on licensing fees. 

For the next steps, businesses can use their DUL to acquire services from government and private entities in a quicker and more streamlined manner. In short, access to verified DUL data in a single repository means business verification would benefit all customer-business, business-business or business-government interactions.

d.) What is the difference between a licence number and DUL?

A licence number is specific to the Licensing Authority. Whereas, a DUL is a unique company identifier applicable across Dubai’s mainland and free zones.

In fact, when interacting with government and private entities, businesses can expect improved customer experience and expedited business transactions. With the DUL the can:

  • NOCs and permit issuances for economic activities by government regulators are unified and simplified
  • Opening of business branches between free zones and the mainland is easier
  • Seamless transfer of businesses between free zones and the mainland with unified and verified data accessibility
  • Digitally accessible company information allows service providers to provide value-added services
  • KYC data is available for access to banking and financial institutions
  • Future business owners will benefit from the availability of unified and verified information about their existing businesses in the Emirates

The government encourages businesses to display licence certificates with the QR code on all their digital platforms, including social media pages and websites. Also, your customers and suppliers can scan the code to view information about your registered business and its status.

DUL simplifies and streamlines consent-driven data exchange and transactions between businesses and service providers, including government entities, by assigning unique identification numbers to mainland and free zone businesses.

In short, the DUL and QR code will be the sole identity that you need to share with government authorities and private service providers to use the services of other businesses. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, as we conclude our exploration of the Dubai Unified License and its impact on business setup in Dubai, we hope this article has equipped you with valuable insights.

Indeed, the DUL represents a transformative step by the Dubai Government, signalling a more streamlined and business-friendly approach to licensing. Hence, stay informed, stay ahead, and embrace the future of business in Dubai with the Dubai Unified License this 2024.

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