Dubai Freelancer Visa or Company License? What Content Creators and Influencers Need to Know

Dubai Freelance Visa is available for content creators and influencers. Undoubtedly, Dubai’s diversity and vibrant lifestyle attract tourists and content creators alike. And, that’s the case for many reasons. 

Apart from Dubai’s picturesque and Instagram-worthy recreations, Dubai offers content creators a competitive tax-free environment. Notably, worldwide-famous influencers like “Supercar Blondie” Alexandra Mary Hirschi, TikTok sensation Kalby Dickson, and Middle East Youth Culture Icon Ahmed El-Ghandour now all call Dubai their home.

If you’re interested in doing the same, you have the option of going for a freelancer visa or a company set up in the UAE. In this insight, we compare both and discuss the advantages of each and what it means for creatives.



OPTION 1: Employ Yourself with a Dubai Freelancer Visa

The freelance visa is a specific visa offered in Dubai for independent contractors. It features the advantage of an extended validity period. Although this should be set apart from the digital nomad visa. 

Freelancing in Dubai involves self-employment and offering services on an hourly or project basis. For example, freelancers can provide web design, content writing, and content creation services. More importantly, a Dubai freelance visa is required for legal operation in the city.

If you wish to move to Dubai, you’ll need to choose between a freelance visa or a Dubai business license. While freelancing offers flexibility, establishing a business with a license provides unique advantages.


OPTION 2: Company Setup in UAE

Meanwhile, business setup in the UAE involves setting up and managing a business venture. There are two main categories where one can set up their business in Dubai either Mainland or Freezone. 

The UAE mainland authority is under the Dubai Economic Department. A mainland company may require  Meanwhile, free zones offer a specialized environment designed for specific business sectors such as DIFC for finance and fintech, and DSO for tech ventures.

Top 3 Perks of a Mainland License

1. Flexibility: With a Mainland license, you have the freedom to conduct business anywhere in Dubai. More importantly, this license allows you to engage with government entities and bid for government contracts.

2. No Minimum Capital Requirement: There is no longer a minimum capital for most business activities, making Dubai more accessible to startups and SMEs.

3. Wide Range of Business Activities: Mainland licenses cover a wide array of business activities as options including trading, services, and professional services.

Top 3 Perks of a Free Zone License

1. 100% Foreign Ownership: Free Zones typically allow 100% foreign ownership, making them appealing to most international investors.

2. Tax Benefits: Many Free Zones offer tax exemptions and customs duty privileges.

3. Industry Focus: Each Free Zone is tailored to specific industries, such as technology, media, healthcare, or logistics.

Why Business Setup is a Better Option

Discover several benefits you can reap if you set up a business in Dubai.

Scalability and Flexibility: Entrepreneurs with a business license can start solo and gradually expand by hiring employees, allowing flexibility and adaptability to market changes. On the other hand, freelancers may find scalability challenging.

Continuous Income Potential: Entrepreneurs can earn even when not actively working, unlike freelancers who rely on active work hours for revenue.

Niche Opportunities and Reduced Competition: Dubai’s diverse market offers niche opportunities for entrepreneurs with a business license, giving them an edge in less crowded sectors.

Wider Range of Activities: A trade license in Dubai Free Zones allows entrepreneurs to engage in diverse business activities, enhancing adaptability to market demands. However, freelancers may face limitations in diversifying.

Access to Business Support Services: Dubai Free Zones offers business support services to entrepreneurs, including office space and logistics. Conversely, freelancers may not enjoy the same level of support.


In conclusion, while freelancing offers autonomy, entrepreneurship with a Dubai business license provides continuous income potential, niche market opportunities, and scalability. More importantly, a Dubai business license offers distinct benefits over freelancing.

Despite increased risks and responsibilities, the rewards for entrepreneurs can be substantial. Consider getting in touch with our business consultants for a hassle-free business setup in Dubai, offering continuous support beyond just the license. We’ll help you direct your path to business success in Dubai.


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