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At NH Management, we know the most common risks to businesses in the GCC region — and how to identify them quickly. Our business consultants in Dubai can assess your entire operation in search of the risks that have the potential to do serious damage to your business’s financial health, reputation, and long-term viability.

Among the many risks we deal with on a daily basis include exposure to recession, legal compliance, fraud, IT security, customer bankruptcy, and human resources. We adopt the three-step approach to corporate risk management: risk assessment and analysis, risk evaluation, and risk treatment.

The Need for
Corporate Risk
Management Services

Business risk management is an essential part of delivering long-term success for any commercial entity. It involves using a range of tools, resources, and strategies to identify and remove or mitigate risks that can do serious damage to the business.

You can never remove or avoid corporate risks. But with the right reference network and corporate risk services at your disposal, you can ensure they’re identified and dealt with before they can do lasting damage to your business’s financial health, reputation, or legal standing.

Our Expertise in Corporate Risk Management

Technical Capabilities

We employ a range of tools, resources, and techniques to remove or mitigate corporate risks before they can cause lasting damage.


We use our extensive knowledge of business laws and regulations in the UAE to ensure compliance-related risks are mitigated.


Our business consultancy experts have been helping businesses remove and mitigate business risks for many years — helping hundreds of businesses.

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