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Legal Advice on SPV Company Incorporations

Work towards financial efficiency and risk management with our specialized consultancy services for Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company formation. Whether you're navigating complex financial transactions, undertaking a merger or acquisition, or seeking asset securitization, our expert team is here to guide you through the process. Incorporating an SPV, which is a separate legal entity of a parent company, is done for a temporary business purpose for a limited and specific business activity. The most common purpose is to isolate financial risk by shielding the assets; if the parent firm goes bankrupt, the assets of the SPV are deemed independent and cannot be claimed.

NH Management tailors its solutions to your specific needs. We navigate legal requirements, financial structuring, and compliance to ensure your SPV is both legally sound and strategically aligned with your business objectives. Partner with us to optimize your corporate structure, enhance financial flexibility, and protect your assets.

How to Register an SPV in the UAE

The process of setting up an SPV in the UAE is as follows:

  • Undergo initial approval by submitting:
    KYC document
    • Company incorporation documents
    • Consent Letter issued by a Registered
    • Office Provider
    • We apply through the official portal;
    • Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) reviews the application and Abu Dhabi Immigration clears authorized signatories;
    • If your application is approved, the SPV license is issued.
    • Although the setup process is well-defined and efficient, the nature of this vehicle itself is delicate. Therefore, we strongly recommend onboarding specialized experts. We are here to help you from start to finish.

    The Cost of SPV Company Incorporations

    The cost of establishing an ADGM-approved SPV in the UAE varies by year. In the first year of incorporation, you pay an ADGM fee of USD 1,600 plus USD 1,400 for an ADGM office address and service fee. Hence, your total cost in the first year is about USD 3,000. In the second year, the ADGM fee is USD 1,200 and the ADGM office address plus service fee is again USD 1,400 - a total of around USD 2,600.

    For an accurate, personalized quote, please send us an inquiry.

    SPV Incorporation from NH Management

    business setup in uae
    1. SPVs are sophisticated and sound legal advice is crucial to a successful setup. We have assisted dozens of firms incorporate theirs, and have gained significant know-how in doing so. Our specialized consultants will ensure that your SPV is set up seamlessly with the optimal framework for your business goals.
    2. Our incorporation services help companies of various sizes throughout the region protect their assets and become bankruptcy-resistant.
    3. Using our comprehensive network of local contacts and customized solutions, we ensure companies are incorporated correctly, are financially robust, and can hone in on their operations.

    Our Expertise With
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    Technical Capabilities

    Technical Capabilities

    We have the network and expertise to advise and execute the setup process end-to-end.



    Our highly-trained professionals have facilitated hundreds of formations and are experts of the applicable laws and regulations.

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    With hundreds of mainland formations in our portfolio, our team has proven experience with navigating the entire process.

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