What is
Market Expansion?

A great business plan sets out a financial plan for the future. It’s detailed in its use of historical data and realistic in its use of forecasts. But ultimately, it describes to potential investors the potential returns involved in a new commercial venture. And that’s why getting it right is vitally important.

At NH Management, we use historical statistics, industry data, expert opinions, financial planning, and the latest software to create accurate and realistic business plans. We know what’s required to turn a set of ideas and figures into a cohesive business plan that can persuade potential investors to get involved in your new business.

The Need forMarket Expansion

The Need for
Market Expansion

As management consultants in the UAE, we know how to impress potential investors. Whether you’re planning an expansion or raising startup capital, a realistic, detailed, and easily digestible business plan can persuade the right people to invest. But in order to answer the right questions and impress the right people, your business plan needs to be optimized for the target audience.

A fully optimized business plan is an essential tool during the initial rounds of fundraising. Whether you’re approaching banks, wealthy entrepreneurs, or angel investors, a great business plan sets out your commercial vision and demonstrates how investors will secure a return on their investment. Including information on future revenues, margins, marketing strategies, capital requirements, and projected net profits, a business plan is often all that stands between a new venture and the required capital.


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