What isCommercial Negotiation?

Getting the best possible deal for your business requires planning, compromise, and a structured approach to the negotiation process. Issues such as price, terms of service, timescales, and additional services can all play a role in deciding whether a negotiation is successful or not. Having skillful and experienced commercial negotiators by your side is, therefore, essential.

At NH Management, our management consultants have been leading commercial negotiations for many years. We’ve learned to secure the best possible deals in the most challenging circumstances — giving our clients lucrative, long-term contracts with the potential to take their businesses to the next level.

The Need forCommercial Negotiation

When any business owner or manager heads into a commercial negotiation, they need to be clear on their objectives. Moreover, they need to decide which aspects are negotiable and which simply can’t be compromised. Experienced business consultants can create negotiation strategies that protect the business’s financial interests while maintaining the best possible chance of success.

Successful negotiations often involve give and take. In many cases, the sign of a successful negotiation is when neither party is completely satisfied with the outcome — yet both parties came to an agreement. An experienced business consultant knows how far to take negotiations, and how to influence others in the most intense settings.

Our Expertise in Commercial Negotiation

Technical Capabilities

We use a range of business tools, methodologies, and resources to successfully negotiate business deals and contracts.


We understand the complexities of the UAE’s legal framework. This allows us to protect our clients from serious compliance issues.


Over many years, we have helped hundreds of businesses negotiate long-term, highly lucrative business deals and contracts.

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