Expo 2020 World Majlis: Sparking global dialogue and inspiring new

Dubai World Expo is known for its incredible experiences, compelling business opportunities, dazzling performances and meaningful conversations.

At Expo 2020 Dubai, the concept of dialogues takes place in a combination of innovation yet invigorated with tradition. Hence, Expo’s thematic discussions have played an excellent role in fostering the future with great conversation.

How does a Majlis go with Expo 2020 Dubai’s purpose?

Terminologically, the literal English translation of the word Majlis means a “place of sitting for gathering”. This type of gathering can be both social and legislative meetings, and the purpose is to gather around and communicate on events and issues to come up with a solid solution.

Thus Dubai World Expo is a space where people from all around the world can come up to talk about the solutions. The Thematic concept made the topic selection for discussions more powerful and relatable.

Symbolizing the ideas for the future, the World Majlis summons conversations on topics that will define the next 50 years. Thus, here we got to know the diverse thought process of our leaders, visionaries and change-makers.

In this digital age where we have become confined to our screens, reviving the art of conversation proved a fantastic experience, especially for the young generation. Thus, we saw more than 50+ conversations (virtually and physically) held at Dubai World Expo.

It aimed to cover various viewpoints of 350 leaders from 48 countries and included diversity in all its programs. Thus, Majlis, a symbol of communication, represented different cultures, living standards, social expertise, geographical diversity and generation gap.

These World Majlis series changed the traditional ways of thinking.

It has covered a wide range of topics like Space, Urban and Rural Development, Climate, Tolerance and Global Goals. Thus, these Majlis expanded business opportunities in Dubai Expo 2020 and the thinking horizon with whole new information outside everyone’s comfort zone.

World Majlis Conversations

Since the start, Dubai World Expo has provided an opportunity to bring people from around the globe to a discussion panel to share their perspectives on the current situation. Amalgamated with a UAE and Arab cultural touch, this conference is called Majlis.

Some of the Majlis examples are as follows:

World Majlis

Coverage of exciting conversations based on all critical topics of the current situation. A vibrant forum where 8-10 globally renowned leaders shared diversified perspectives. Many leaders, professors, scientists, experts, and students joined these conversations.

Women’s Majlis

Presented a series of discussions on women related issues at the women’s pavilion.

Expo 2020 World Majlis: Sparking global dialogue and inspiring new

Human and Planetary Health

Next-Gen World Majlis

In connection with the UAE innovation theme month at Dubai World Expo, invited UAE students from different schools were to discuss the consequences of consuming technology and how much we should be responsible for it.

Human and Planetary Health

In collaboration with Abu Dhabi’sDhabi’s sustainability week, a 13th world majlis was held with the help of Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan (Chief Executive Officer, Alliances for Global Sustainability) and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. In this event, many leaders, policymakers and environmentalists gathered to jot down how the health of the planet’s systems correlated with wellbeing in the most prosperous manner.

The Universal Language of Art

Hosted by the World Tolerance Summit in Dubai, it was organized by the arts and culture experts from the UAE and around the globe. It talked about how the acceptance of tolerance and empath through art can create a maximum impact on this world.

Borderless talent

It was the 7th World Majlis of the Dubai World Expo, where renowned leaders from Africa and UAE joined to talk about talent development and mobilization. It discussed how Africa played an essential role in connecting startups, businesses and government platforms.

Beyond Reality

Discussion about the impact of future technology on humanity. It emphasized how the field of technology and art will bring innovation and novelty augmentation in reality.

Cities, future, change: How Can World Expos shape the future of urban living.

An insightful conversation on the transformation of future cities based on urban planning. It is Dubai World Expo’s second international world majlis and took place virtually in UAE.

CityZen 2030

School students shared a meaningful conversation about the global development agenda that contributed to the future of cities at Expo 2020 Dubai.

8 billion possibilities

Global policymakers and aspiring leaders virtually joined the Dubai World Expo to have an open dialogue about utilizing technology to promote opportunity for everyone.

Sparking global dialogue and inspiring new
Sustainability through new eyes

As the population increases, the chances of finding prospects have become limited these days. Some of the essential questions raised from the conversation are: Is the technology beneficial for humanity, the Earth, and lifeforms? – How can youth search for knowledge and science? – How can we efficiently produce products and systems that can do minimum waste?

Maker-Spaces Creating Entrepreneurship and Innovation Approaches

It encourages youth to extend their approach towards a new level of creativity. With successful innovation hubs, the space makers are now introducing innovation for the entrepreneurship community to build a ground for increasing productivity. The Majlis at Dubai World Expo brought a lively conversation about visionaries and change-makers to share their perspective on this topic.


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