How to Obtain and Use the ‘Made in UAE’ Product Logo: A Comprehensive Guide

The “Made in UAE” mark signifies quality, authenticity, and a commitment to local production. It resonates with consumers, businesses, and individuals who prioritize supporting homegrown industries and products. By obtaining this mark, companies can differentiate themselves in the market and tap into the growing demand for locally made goods.

Moreover, UAE-established manufacturing companies are eligible to apply for this logo. Hence, we made a step-by-step guide below to guide new applicants.


Process in Obtaining the “Made in UAE” Logo Certificate

Step #1: Gather Required Documents

Before diving into the application process, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Completed “Made in UAE” Mark Certificate application form.
  • Valid Industrial license.
  • Value-added Certificate (with a minimum of 40%).
  • Accreditation Certificate of Conformity issued through the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology.
  • Valid Certification of production quality systems (if product standards are not identified and authorized in the UAE).
  • Halal National Certificate (if applicable).
  • Assurance that your products comply with Islamic Law and UAE regulations.
  • Access the Service Link:
  • Head to the Ministry of Economy website and navigate to the designated service link for the “Made in UAE” certification.
Step #2: Download and Fill the Application Form

Then, download the official “Made in UAE” application form from the provided link. Fill out all required fields accurately and thoroughly. More importantly, ensure the information provided is up-to-date and matches the accompanying documents.

Step #3 Submit the Application

Print the completed application form and gather all required documents in hard copy format. Then, proceed to the Customer Happiness Centers to submit your application package. Also be prepared to provide any additional information or clarification if requested.

Step #4 Validation Process

Once your submission is received, it will undergo a validation process. This step ensures that all required documents are in order and meet the specified criteria. Take note that any discrepancies or missing information may delay the process.

Step #5 Payment via E-Dirham System:

Upon successful validation of your application, you will be prompted to proceed with the payment via the E-Dirham system. Certainly, this secure electronic payment method ensures a smooth and efficient transaction process.

Step #6 Receipt of “Made in UAE” Certificate:

After completing the payment, you can expect to receive your “Made in UAE” certificate. Furthermore, this prestigious acknowledgement validates the authenticity and quality of your products, enhancing your brand’s reputation and credibility.

By following these simple steps, you can proudly display the “Made in UAE” logo, showcasing your commitment to excellence and adherence to UAE regulations. Start the journey towards certification today and unlock new opportunities for your business in local and international markets.

Made in UAE logo Usage

Application for the Made in UAE logo is one thing, and the usage is another. In fact, the UAE Ministry of Economy has published rules and guidelines in terms of branding anbd usage of the logo. Based on the Made in UAE mark usage guide, check out the do’s and don’t below.


Branding Do’s

  • Ensure to print, affix, attach, or engrave the mark on licensed products or their outer packaging.
  • Utilize the logo exclusively in all marketing materials directly associated with registered products. This includes advertisements.
  • Promptly inform the Ministry of Economy Team of any amendments made to the registered products

Branding Dont’s 

  • Avoid using the mark unregistered products or goods.
  • Always include a descriptor when using the mark.
  • Do not alter the colors or dimensions of the mark in any way.
  • Do not use the mark to make general statements about your company or product range if only some products are registered.
  • Ensure that no logos or other elements are placed within the clear space of the mark.
  • Keep the mark separate from your company logo.
  • Refrain from using the mark in a manner that could diminish its value or offend users.
  • Avoid featuring both registered and unregistered products in the same advertisements or promotions that include the mark.
  • Do not use the mark without obtaining the certificate, or during periods of suspension or after its cancellation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, obtaining and utilizing the “Made in UAE” mark is a strategic imperative for companies aiming to leverage their local manufacturing credentials and resonate with customers seeking authentic, UAE-made products.

By following the outlined steps and adhering to usage guidelines, businesses can harness the power of this prestigious mark to enhance brand reputation, drive sales, and contribute to the thriving UAE economy. Other than the Made in UAE mark, we provide UAE or international trade mark registration as well. Finally, for more information, feel free to get in touch with our Business Consultants.


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