Make it in the UAE: UAE’s Operation 300 Billion Initiative for Industrial SMEs

The “Make it in the UAE” campaign is part of Operation 300 billion economic growth strategy. This ambitious 10-year plan aims to transform the UAE’s industrial sector into the backbone of a sustainable national economy. By 2031, the strategy targets increasing the industrial sector’s contribution to the GDP from AED 133 billion to AED 300 billion.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also introduced the Unified Industrial Brand Identity under the slogan “Make it in the Emirates.” This campaign is an extension of the UAE Nation Brand, reflecting the UAE’s commitment to excellence and global competitiveness. The goal is for every product made in the UAE to meet the highest international quality standards. This is to build UAE’s brand as a hallmark of quality and innovation. Locally produced products can undoubtedly use the Made in the UAE logo.

In fact, from May 27 to 28, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) unveiled the third edition of “Make it in the Emirates Forum”. This year, the event will be held at the Abu Dhabi Energy Centre and will have the theme “Invest. Innovate. Grow.”

Make it in the UAE: Vision and Strategic Objectives

The MoIAT will spearhead the execution of this strategy. Specifically, the ministry will implement programs and initiatives to support 13,500 industrial small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These efforts will mainly focus on advancing future industries that leverage advanced technology and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) solutions. Evidently, this initiative is about growth and sustainable development, contributing to a resilient and diversified national economy.

Furthermore, the strategy will update industrial laws to support local entrepreneurs and attract foreign direct investment. This includes offering flexible financing and allowing 100% foreign ownership of industrial enterprises.  Various initiatives will strengthen the UAE’s leading business and technology hub position.

Significantly, Operation 300bn will boost support for SMEs, which constitute 95% of the UAE’s industrial enterprises. The strategy also aims to triple spending on research and development in the industrial sector from AED 21 billion to AED 57 billion by 2031, thereby empowering SMEs and future industries.

Operation 300bn aims to increase in-country value by promoting local products globally. Moreover, to boost exports and find new markets for locally made goods by enhancing in-country value and increasing demand for UAE products. To clarify, the strategy seeks to create an attractive business environment for local and international investors by offering competitive facilities and incentives. Besides, the UAE aims to position itself as a global industrial hub that draws talents, developers, and experts worldwide. 

In a nutshell, the Operation 300bn for the industrial sector will:

  • Create an Attractive Business Environment
  • Catalyze Industrial Development
  • Encourage Innovation and Advanced Technology
  • Establish the UAE as a Global Hub for Future Industries
  • Boost in-country Value and Attracting Investment

Final Thoughts: Building a Resilient Future

In conclusion, Operation 300bn is a comprehensive roadmap designed to ensure the UAE’s industrial sector becomes a significant driver of the national economy. So, by fostering innovation, promoting local products, and attracting global investments, the UAE is set to achieve sustainable economic growth and secure a prosperous future for the next generation. The strategy embodies a unified national effort to build a resilient, competitive, and diversified economy, positioning the UAE as a global leader in industrial excellence.

So explore the UAE’s industrial transformation and join the journey towards sustainable growth with “Make it in the Emirates.” What’s more, learn the benefits of establishing a manufacturing facility in the UAE. Contact our business consultants at [email protected] or 800 64628 to learn more.

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