Investor Relations Planning

What Are Good Investor Relations?

When you team up with investors to launch a new business, product, or service, you need to ensure that effective lines of communication remain in place at all times. In many cases, investments are made in tranches. This makes regular updates on the progress of your startup essential.

Investor relations involves regular reports on issues such as finance, marketing, legal compliance, and anything else related to a company’s inception. An experienced business consultant from NH Management can help you create an investor relations strategy that keeps everyone informed and relaxed. And happy investors mean your supply of capital won’t dry up before you’ve successfully launched your business.

Why Good Investor Relations Are Essential

An initial round of investment for a new venture, product or business is usually only the beginning of the investment process. For many investors, that first tranche of funds serves as a test of the management’s ability to get the new business off the ground. If you can keep your biggest investors happy throughout every stage of the startup process, you’re likely to get subsequent investments without too much effort. But keeping investors happy requires regular communication.

At NH Management, we have been developing and nurturing investor relations for many years. We understand how good communication, regular updates, feedback, and a proactive approach can keep investors in the loop — and happy to keep investing.

Our Expertise in
Investor Relations Planning

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We use a range of tools and resources to ensure seed investors are kept informed throughout the creation of a business.


We have the knowledge and know-how to ensure all your fundraising efforts comply with UAE laws and regulations.


We have raised millions of dollars for hundreds of businesses and startups since we began offering business consulting services.

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