Seed Fundraising Strategy

What isSeed Fundraising Strategy?

Seed fundraising is a term used to describe the process of raising the initial capital needed to start a business. This is the first step in a process that often involves several subsequent rounds of fundraising. Without it, even the best ideas don’t have a chance of becoming viable, profitable businesses.

Seed fundraising requires the expertise of a business consultancy because the process involves a highly technical approach. Not only that, raising significant capital to start a business requires a network of established, trustworthy contacts. Knowing who to approach, when to approach them, and how to persuade them to invest is an art in itself.

Why Your Company Needs a Seed Fundraising Strategy

The scattergun approach to seed fundraising rarely works. Instead, a meticulously planned and targeted strategy is required to persuade investors to get involved. In many ways, a leap of faith is required on the part of investors, as they’re being asked to give their money to someone they may not know — to grow a business that doesn’t yet exist.

At NH management, we have experience in seed fundraising through angel investors, entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals, and large-scale investment groups. We can create a strategy designed to influence and persuade, and we can help you get your messaging right when it’s time to reach out to your potential investors.

Our Expertise in
Seed Fundraising Strategies

Technical Expertise

Our business management consultants know how to create persuasive pitches using a range of tools and resources.


We have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that surround corporate investment in the UAE.


We have already helped hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs raise the capital they need to get started.

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